Monster Hunter Rise release date countdown splits in two: Switch and PC

The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise won't be released in the year 2021. If you were looking forward to buying the game and playing the game on your Nintendo Switch in the year 2021, feeling all exclusive about the situation, you can still do just that. You'll have a little under a year of the game all to yourself, on Nintendo Switch, before the game is released for PC users. We're expecting it'll take a year or more before it'll be released on the PC.

The release date for Monster Hunter Rise is still March 26, 2021. It'll be released in the United States and in Canada for approximately $60 USD, and you can pre-order the game right this minute. The game is also set to be available with a unique, special edition Nintendo Switch – you can even buy JUST a special controller for the game if you already own a Switch.

It'll be strange, seeing this game released on PC. As noted by Nintendo Life, the game was developed specifically for the Nintendo Switch, and the Nintendo Switch FIRST. How it'll be converted for play on PC is... not yet clear.

The PC launch was confirmed in an interview with Fanbyte earlier today. Capcom Japan Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and Capcom Japan Director Yasunori Ichinose spoke about the game, suggesting that the game's "traditional Japanese look" was designed to look great on the Nintendo Switch. It might very well look even more spectacular once it reaches the PC.

We still do not have a solid release date for the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise, but we can now safely confirm that it is "very much in development", per the makers of the game. This game will be released in its first iteration in exactly one month from today, on March 26, 2021. Cross your fingers for a clean, smooth, and spectacular game right from the get-go.