Monsoon offers TV Anywhere placeshifting to OEMs

We have talked about the consumer product that Monsoon offers in the past. The line of Vulkano placeshifting and streaming video gear is large and has some decent offerings. The last Vulkano product we talked about was the Blast early this year. Monsoon has announced that it will be offering the software behind its placeshifting technology to OEMs.

The Monsoon TV Anywhere placeshifting software is Linux-based and the software will allow cable operators and set-top box markers to integrate the ability to placeshift content to devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones. The software also allows the OEMs and providers to mange what programs the user can placeshift

Monsoon has five integrated modules that will allow the semiconductor encoder firms out there to integrate placeshifting in products. The modules include Adaptive Bit-Rate Encoding and Transcoding, Http Live Streaming (HLS) for Live Video Sources, Proprietary Streaming Protocol, Connection Management and Multi-Screen Client Technologies. Monsoon does point out that it will continue to make the line of Vulkano gear.