Vulkano Blast debuts packing WebTV and mobile DVR

I just mentioned that Vulkano had a new product coming soon for mobile devices that streams live TV to just about anything called the Vulkano Flow. Monsoon Multimedia also has a new Vulkano Blast device that it is talking up alongside the unveil of Flow.

The Vulkano Blast is a versatile TV video platform according to Monsoon and it has lots of features. The device is easy to set up and the features include an integrated DVR, web video, TV anywhere, UPnP streaming, mobile video recording and packs in a 160GB HDD.

The Blast is capable of turning your smartphone into a mobile video recording and those programs can be played back on other device. The DVR mode allows fast forwarding of content and pause capability. TV programs can be watched on the go with the device over WiFi or 3G connections. Video is streamed at 150kbps in H.264 and MPEG-4 standards. The device has integrated WiFi and future updates will bring access to Amazon, Netflix, and more. The device will ship this month for $199.