monome turned into DIY low-res Twitter display [Video]

In an ideal world someone would read this and send me a monome of my own to play with, but the button-encrusted control surfaces are in short supply (and not too cheap).  Since controlling music isn't the sole use of a monome, but still the task most people connect them with, some owners are pushing forward their DIY projects showing that a monome can be pretty much anything you have the imagination for: here, Robert Böhnke repurposes his as a low-res Twitter display.Video demo after the cut

For the uninitiated, a monome is a board of backlit rubber buttons laid out in a grid; they range from early, compact 8x8 models up to huge boards with hundreds of keys.  One of the most common uses is for controlling music, either directly playing the monome (hooked up to a software synth or music package) as an instrument, or for triggering samples.

However, the open-source nature of the hardware and software means that the sky is pretty much the limit for canny developers, hence Robert Böhnke's Twitter app.  Not especially useful, perhaps, but still awesome.

[via MAKE]