Molecule Hybrid Mattress Review - Sleeping Your Way to Wellness

  • Better balance between softness and hardness
  • Effective in cooling the body for better sleep
  • New coil layer makes it easier to sit or lie on the edges
  • Pricey

It's probably safe to say that the past year or so has been particularly stressful for almost everyone around the world. People have different ways of coping with stress but, more often than not, most of those strategies involve more activity, healthy or unhealthy foods, binging on entertainment, and a general lack of sleep. Sleep often gets sacrificed in today's activity-obsessed world but, as athletes would tell you, it is also the key to actually being more active. Quality sleep isn't actually easy to achieve and that is what Molecule's newest Hybrid Mattress promises to deliver by combining the best of two worlds.


If the first impression you get from seeing the Molecule Hybrid Mattress is that it's huge, you wouldn't be alone. Then again, if you're used to top-tier quality mattresses, especially from Molecule's selection, this wouldn't come as a surprise anymore. Of course, it's not all foam or coils inside but somewhat of both, making up part of the Hybrid Mattress' seven advanced layers that we'll go into more detail later.

The quality and durability of the mattress are definitely top-notch. In its FAQ, Molecule even boasts it doesn't have any weight restrictions or limits, making the mattress fit for anyone. That does come with a rather large amount of heft that will make it harder to turn the mattress around to even out the wear. Good thing you're not supposed to flip it over since the Hybrid Mattress's layers don't work in reverse.

The top of the mattress is actually whether the magic starts, where Molecule's quilted top wicks away heat from your body for a more comfortable sleep. At the same time, it serves as a comfortable and luxurious surface to sleep directly on with no need for any covers or pads in between. In fact, Molecule cautions using other materials to cover that surface as it may actually impede proper airflow and nullify the mattress's effects.

A word has to be said about where and how Molecule makes the Hybrid Mattress. The foam it uses is made in the US, which is important not just because of the origin of the material but because of how it reduces the carbon footprint involved in shipping materials internationally. The company also boasts of its Variable Pressure Foaming method that not only reduces emissions by 97& but also removes the need to "air-out" the mattress before using them.


It's easy enough to take sleep for granted and think that it's just a matter of lying down horizontally on any surface and falling unconscious. There is, however, a large body of research and science dedicated just to studying sleep in order to gain the most benefits from this phase of regeneration for our bodies. That's the very same science that Molecule applies in order to offer the best sleep that money can buy.

As we covered in our previous review of Molecule's earlier mattress model, one of the secrets to sleeping comfortably and effectively lies in your own body temperature. Regardless of what climate you're used to, you will find it hard to sleep if your body temperature is higher than normal. The trick, then, is to cool down your body by making airflow better beneath your body.

That's what most of the Molecule Hybrid Mattress' seven layers do, which definitely justifies its thickness. While the top cover wicks away heat from the body, the layers underneath let the air flow more easily compared to traditional foam. This is thanks in particular to the company's AirTec foam that uses a matrix of open cells to let air through more easily.


This isn't Molecule's first advanced mattress, of course, and it even just its second. While the Molecule 1 that we reviewed three years ago delivered on its promise, we also found it to be too soft for our tastes. Apparently, a lot did as well, making Molecule come up with this new product.

What's completely new to the Hybrid Mattress is the MoleculeEdge coil system. This 6-inch layer is composed of individually wrapped coils to provide ample support to the body. It also has enhanced edge support so that you don't just fall off when sitting or lying at the edge of the mattress.

In practice, all of these work together to deliver the elements for your best sleep. Comfortable materials, well-ventilated layers, and proper body support help condition the body for a good night's sleep. Of course, it isn't just about feeling good, which is actually the by-product of a well-rested body. It is more about putting the body in the proper condition to recuperate and recover from all the physical and mental stresses of the day.


The Molecule Hybrid Mattress, without a doubt, delivers on its promise. It improves on earlier mattresses by adding a thick layer of support to help relieve pressure and keep you from falling off the edges.

It doesn't come without its price, though, both figurative and literal. The queen-sized mattress we reviewed, for example, easily costs $1,899. Molecule does have a rather generous "100 Nights" return policy if you don't get the sleep you've been promised. When it comes to your health, though, you don't skimp on the essentials and nothing can be more essential to health than a good sleep.