Mojang's Scrolls game gets real with first trailer

It appears that Mojang's turn-based battle game Scrolls is really, truly about to get off the ground as they've launched their first trailer to the web, complete with gameplay. What you'll see here is a game not unlike a smashing together of Final Fantasy Tactics, Chess, and Pokemon, with a game-board being the center of everything for the next-generation strategy app. You'll find that this game is on the cuff of starting its first closed alpha, with a beta release coming later this year.

This game has had several comments released by folks such as Jakob Porser, co-founder of Mojang, who notes that the first alpha of the game will have multiplayer matches, single player vs computer, and deck-building features. Your "deck" is a collection of scrolls which will be able to be played like a game of Magic: The Gathering, with characters, spells, and actions dominating the gameplay.

Scrolls will be moving along the same path that the ultra-popular cult-classic game Minecraft did, with a non-final version being released well before a perfected version is unleashed. This early version will be available for purchase and will be upgraded to a final version for free as development takes place. Have a peek at our Scrolls timeline below to find out more!

"Keep in mind, that the beta will not be feature complete. We will still have a big bag of goodies that we plan to include over time, such as an auction house where you may buy or sell scrolls from each other and additional features in the world such as character customization, items, quests and so on. If you're wondering why we would release a game that's obviously not finished, the reason is simple: We want your feedback in good time to help us shape Scrolls to be the next big online Collectible Card Game!" – Mojang