MOGA Pro Controller hits stores today

Chris Burns - Apr 18, 2013
MOGA Pro Controller hits stores today

Today you’ll be able to purchase your very own MOGA Pro controller for full-action excellence for your smartphone and the video games you play therein. This controller uses your smartphone as its main display, acting as a set of physical controls for the games you play regularly with on-screen tapping and swiping. With this controller you’ll be able to fit a wide variety of smartphones and larger smart handheld devices.

The original MOGA Pocket Controller was revealed and release last October – back in 2012. Here in 2013 we’re seeing this massive follow-up hit stores like Best Buy, Target, and GameStop like a whirlwind. You’ll be working with dual analog sticks – clickable, the both of them – as well as full-sized console-style grips and four action buttons.


You also get two shoulder buttons, a “classic directional pad”, and two shoulder triggers. This machine works with integrated rechargeable batteries that you power up with a USB charging cord included in the package and you’ll be able to work with this device with tablets as well. This device works standard with smartphone devices of many sizes and comes with a tablet stand as well.

You’ll be working with full support for the original MOGA Mobile Gaming System and will be wirelessly connecting with your Android device via Bluetooth. Have a peek at previous coverage of this device in our original MOGA Pro Controller announcement and stay tuned through our handy MOGA search – mobile gaming on the rise!

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