MOG music streaming comes to Mini and BMW vehicles

If you are into streaming music to your PC or other devices like the Logitech Squeeze box you might be familiar with MOG. The music streaming service was recently added to the Squeezebox line and if you are already a Primo member at $9.99 a month and own certain BMW or Mini vehicles, you can get a new source of in car entertainment on demand from MOG.

MOG has announced the first on-demand in-car integration of music for the US. The service will be offered in all 2011 BMW and Mini vehicles that rock the BMW Apps or Mini Connect system. With those systems in place, the user can access the MOG catalog of music with 13 million tunes available. The service in the car requires an iPhone, a Primo account, and the MOG app.

With all those conditions met, the MOG link will appear in the Mini connected or BMW Apps infotainment systems in the car. The tunes it can stream are unlimited and ad-free. The user can browse, search, and skip tracks they don't want to hear. The user can also set up playlists and artist only channels if they want. The audio is streamed using the iPhone data connection at 320kbps.