Logitech adds MOG access to Squeezebox

The Logitech Squeezebox line of media players has been around for a long time now. Logitech is always looking to add the ability to stream more content to the device. Today Logitech has announced the latest addition to the Squeezebox streaming service. The latest addition is MOG access.

MOG is a subscription music service that has a library of on demand music with no commercials. The Squeezebox players now support access to the complete MOG catalog. Users can search the catalog of 13 million songs and over a million albums to find the music that is just right for their mood. Users can also build their own playlist using the MOG app on the Squeezebox.

There are also listings for new artists and for editor's pics as well as stations for specific artists. MOG is available on the Squeezebox right now with a download at Mysqueezebox.com. Subscriptions start at $5 monthly and a free 14-day trial is offered. The Squeezebox has had Spotify access since January.