Modu's Android T Phone set for October 10th release

The Android-powered Modu T Phone is set to make its official debut on October 10 2010, according to a press conference invite sent to Gadgety.  Like the company's previous model, the T Phone will consist of a core unit and various accessory jackets; the T Phone runs Android and has a touchscreen, and is roughly the size of a credit card, but can be slotted into peripheral cases to add hardware keyboards, stereo speakers and other optional controls.

Definitive hardware specifications are in short supply, but Modu's own T Phone teaser does say that the core handset will have 2GB of memory, some sort of memory card slot and come in both 3.5G and 2.75G versions.  It's also said to be the lightest touchscreen phone in the world.

The company's initial modular offering failed to pick up momentum outside of Israel, and Modu quickly announced plans for a touchscreen 3.5G version with the same docking connector.  No word on pricing at this stage, nor whether it will be a GSM or CDMA device.

[via Android Community]