Modu 2 with 3.5G and touchscreen hitting US & Europe in 2010

Chris Davies - Aug 18, 2009, 3:44 am CDT
Modu 2 with 3.5G and touchscreen hitting US & Europe in 2010

Modu’s modular-jacket cellphone may already be on sale in Israel, but don’t expect to see it land in the US or the UK any time soon; according to the company, “the device just isn’t good enough for demanding Brits and Americans who like to surf the internet and stay connected.”  CEO Dov Moran followed up that slice of honesty (or was it a snub against the other locations the first-gen Modu will see a release in?) with the news that the Modu 2 will arrive in 2010 offering both a touchscreen and a full QWERTY jacket.

Speaking to Pocket-lint, the honest CEO confirmed that the first-gen Modu would see a release in 2009 across Russia, India, the Philippines, Greece, Romania and parts of South America.  Meanwhile the Modu 2 would get a launch in different markets, with the two remaining on sale at the same time; the company have tipped the US, Japan, UK and Western Europe as prime targets for the reworked handset.

While no timescale for the new device – nor the carriers it may be offered on – has been given, Moran did confirm that the company expects to announce a new product at Mobile World Congress in February 2010.  The only confirmed specifications are 3.5G HSPA and the touchscreen, as well as the same dock connector – but a very different form-factor – to the Modu 1.

Early sales of that first phone have apparently reached around 1,000 handsets, with a full launch taking place in Israel come October 2009.  The most popular accessory jacket has been a digital picture frame, for displaying images.

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