Modu modular phones now on sale: small in size and features

Modular phone manufacturer Modu can proudly confirm it finally has a shipping product, as the handset launches on Israeli carrier Cellcom.  Mobo report that the core handset itself, while impressively (world record holdingly) small, is in fact really too compact for regular use, and the four supplied "express jackets" add nothing but 80s-designs and full-sized buttons.

Since the jackets add bulk, there are some who thought of solely using the inner phone on its own.  However with a less than functional set of hardware keys and dreary 1.3-inch OLED with a tired UI it's not something – beyond the weight – that you'd want to consider long-term, though if you solely receive calls and messages and never want to return them then it could be more bearable.

Throw in the fact that there's no vibration alert, no 3G and no WiFi (though it does have Bluetooth), together with no shipping dates for the music jacket and no official confirmation for the touchscreen jacket, and it's not looking good.  However for once the price saves things; in Israel Cellcom are offering it with a second SIM (so you can keep using your existing cellphone) for the equivalent of $130, but will refund that if you agree to provide feedback.

[via Engadget Mobile]