Modillian Bluetooth buckle: making every watch smart

Brittany A. Roston - May 13, 2014
Modillian Bluetooth buckle: making every watch smart

Smartwatches are arguably the fastest growing wearable, and while their future is increasingly promising (particularly in light of Android Wear), their appeal isn’t necessarily strong enough to convince many to ditch their stylish mechanical watches. Modillian aims to offer a middle-ground solution for those watch-bearers: a Bluetooth buckle that makes any watch a little bit smarter.

Billing it as a smart strap, Modillian won’t transform your everyday “dumb” watch into a full-blown smartwatch — that wouldn’t be possible — but it does add an element of connectivity that brings tactile notifications to your wrist.


The ardillon buckle is equipped with Bluetooth and a vibrating element. Once connected to one’s handset, vibration patterns are used to let the wearer know when he or she receives a phone call, text message, and other similar things. This allows one to keep their stylish watch and, at the same time, tuck their phone away.

According to A Blog to Watch, the Modillian will only be available for Android handsets at first, but iPhone support could arrive later on. There aren’t any more details at this point, but we’ll no doubt find out more when the buckle launches on June 10.

VIA: Gizmodo

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