Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour now available for Windows Phone 8

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour was first released back in December for iOS and Android, but Windows Phone 8 ended up getting the shaft. However, Gameloft has announced that the game is now available on Windows Phone 8, allowing users of Microsoft's new platform to play one of the most intense mobile first-person shooter games out there.

The game will take up around 1GB, so be sure to free up some storage space if need be. It's worthy to note that the game won't play on all Windows Phone 8 devices. Gameloft doesn't provide a list of approved devices, but Microsoft says on their Windows blog that it can only play on "high-memory Windows Phone 8 models."

As for gameplay elements, it looks like Modern Combat 4 is merely just a port from the iOS and Android versions, so don't expect anything exclusive to come your way if you plan on playing the game on your Windows Phone 8 device. The game will cost you $6.99, which is the same price as the iOS and Android version.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour comes with pretty much everything you would ever want in a first-person shooter, including multiplayer, complete with leaderboards, and over 20,000 weapon arrangements. It's certainly nothing special when you consider a console game, but this is a mobile game we're talking about, which is insanely impressive. Give the game a try today and let us know what you think.