Modder creates a slick liquid-cooled PlayStation 5

It's been challenging for most gamers to find a PlayStation 5 in stores since the console launched. Part of the problem is high demand, and another part of the problem is that scalpers continually buy up the consoles to resell at higher prices. Most people would never dream of making significant modifications to their PlayStation 5 as hard as the console is to get. A gamer from Vietnam certainly had no problem making major modifications to his console.

A custom PC builder going by Nhenhophach took more than two months to build a completely custom liquid-cooled PlayStation 5. The first step was procuring the hard-to-find console and disassembling it. The builder created custom plates and parts to reassemble the console hardware with a new water cooling system.

PC modders often turn to liquid cooling because it's more efficient and less noisy than standard air cooling technologies. Switching to liquid cooling also typically saves space as most modern air-cooling systems are large and bulky. Nhenhophach says that this is the first version of a water-cooled PlayStation 5, and more versions will come.

For those who like the idea of a liquid-cooled PlayStation, the modder is promising that a commercial version is coming. That would mean he expects to make components available to allow PlayStation 5 owners to build their own liquid-cooled console.

Another exciting tidbit dropped by Nhenhophach is that he intends to build a water-cooled PlayStation 5 into one of the next PC builds highlighted on his YouTube channel. One of the biggest complaints about the standard PlayStation 5 is its size, and it appears that the liquid-cooled custom console is significantly smaller. If the plan to commercialize the custom hardware moves forward, presumably, there will be no legal action as none of the components resemble Sony's standard hardware.