Mobile Edge unveils QuickCheck TSA x-rayable hand luggage

Back in May frequent travellers were promised speedier security queues as the TSA confirmed it was going ahead with proposals to allow X-ray-friendly hand luggage; now named QuickCheck, the system is basically a set of guidelines that state a laptop in a qualifying bag must show up in an X-ray image as clearly as if simply placed in a standard bin.  One of the first manufacturers to show off their QuickCheck luggage is Mobile Edge, with three new travel bags.

A backpack, briefcase and similarly-designed messenger bag (in fact the messenger bag looks to simply drop the handles that the briefcase comes with), the idea is that you can simply open up the case to show to a TSA operative, rather than completely remove the notebook. 

While I'm all for speeding up queues, there doesn't seem to be a vast difference in time between completely unzipping your Mobile Edge bag and whipping out your notebook from a standard bag.  Most of the time you can do it while waiting to be security screened.  Plus, it means you can't really put anything loose into your backpack, as when opened it would all spill out.

The Mobile Edge range will be available in late Summer, prices not yet known.