Mobile Device Dominates American’s Hearts and Pockets

Ben Bajarin - Oct 15, 2010
Mobile Device Dominates American’s Hearts and Pockets

I love the research from the Pew Research Center. In their latest report called “American’s and Their Gadgets” they shared that the cell phone is the most owned piece of personal technology among American’s.   The report details that 85% of American’s now own a cell phone with Desktops and Notebooks fighting for second and third.  Now this shouldn’t shock anyone given how hot the mobile device sector has been over the past few years.   However it is interesting to note the ownership of the other devices referenced in the report.

When reading the report it was not surprising that the mobile phone is heavily owned and desired by younger consumers however the report indicated that 58% of adults 65 and older now also own a mobile phone.    I would be curious to see more data about how this breaks down for feature phones vs smart phone ownership but that will have to be for a later report.   I would like to call attention to one more piece of data on this chart.

If you take a look a the last two columns showing e-book reader and Tablet computer ownership you will see that they are relatively low.    I fully expect both those numbers to rise over the next year with tablets in particular almost tripling by the end of next year.     The report details that e-book readers are more heavily owned by women than men with the opposite being true with tablets.

I would watch these numbers over the course of the next six month’s to see how much tablet ownership jumps among American’s.     The report is a good read for data heads like myself download from here.

[Source Pew Internet Research]

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