Mixamo Fuse universal expendable 3-D character creator launches on Steam

If you're a fan of 3-D animation a company called Mixamo has announced that it's launching a new universal expendable character creator software designed to make 3-D modeling and texturing accessible for everyone. The software is called Fuse and allows users to browse, resize, customize, and combine various body parts. The software is available now via Steam.

In addition to a number of resizable body parts, users can also choose from a number of textures, materials, clothing, and accessories. Fuse allows users to create high-quality royalty-free 3-D characters very quickly. Fuse also offers integration with the Mixamo online 3-D animation platform allowing users to animate the characters they create.

Fuse was created using research from Stanford University and Substance technology from a company called Allegorithmic. The idea is to remove the specialized skills and resources required for traditional 3-D character modeling to allow anyone to create their own customized 3-D models. Fuse has hundreds of assets that can be arranged in an infinite number of variations according to Mixamo.

Fuse will also continue to grow with regular DLC content releases and the ability to integrate user generated content. Users will be able to create, share, and add their own textures to Fuse in the future. Users will also be able to upload custom modeled body parts, clothes, and accessories to the software as well. Valve will be integrating Team Fortress 2 characters as part of the available assets in Fuse.

The software is available at 50% off during its launch making it $49 rather than the standard $99 and includes 64 body parts, 57 clothing items, and 25 smart textures. Fuse Basic is available at no cost including 28 body parts, 25 clothing items, 10 smart textures. The first smart textures DLC is also available now discounted to $29.99 from the normal $69.99 price.