MIU HDPC poised for release... if someone gives them $500k

Things have been all quiet from team MIU about their Hybrid Dual Personal Computer (HDPC) lately – not a peep since they showed off their redesign last October, in fact – but development of the dual-booting Atom-powered handheld hasn't been standing still.  In fact, according to the latest news, the HDPC is ready for production, with verbal contracts from LG Telecom and government-related firms, among others.  What they don't have is the cash to produce even an initial sample batch of 100 units.

Around $500,000 is needed to get the production line going, for the samples at least, and for that MIU will even consider moving to wherever an investor would like them to be.  It's a tricky prospect: is there really a big enough market for such a device?

If someone comes up with the money, what we may eventually see on shelves are two versions of the HDPC.  The $900 model has GPS and dictionary functions, among other niceties, while the entry level model, priced at around $500, makes do with mobile phone functionality, WiFi and the ability to switch between Windows XP and Windows CE.  You'll also be able to add new functionality, through some sort of under-explained upgrade progress.