Miu HDPC gets an Atom processor; new look

When this nifty all-in-one gadget made its debut, it looked, in all honesty, a mess. It was clunky, bulky and just generally lacked any design sense. But with an upgraded look and a few internal modifications, the HDPC from Miu is a step up.  


The Hybrid Dual Portable Computer can do just about anything. It can perform computer tasks, play music, work as a cell phone, offer up navigation information and more. It does pretty much everything. But now it's got an Atom processor to speed things along. Plus, the ARM processor makes small screen functions a breeze.

The overall design is much improved as well, with a sleeker shape, nice contrasting colors and a look that is fitting with the times. We don't know when the latest version of the Miu HDPC will be available, or even how much it will cost, but we do know the older model costs about $500, so expect something in that range.

[via Gizmodo]