Mitsubishi LaserVue L65-A90 tested: awesome & eco-friendly

Mitsubishi have been showing off their new HDTV, the LaserVue L65-A90, a 65-inch set with power demands of just 135W – that's on average one-third the power of an LCD the same size and one-fourth of a plasma.  The Tech Lounge pulled up a chair to check out the two sets on offer: one being compared to an LCD screen, the other set up for 3D viewing.

The 3D system requires special glasses which sync with an emitter on the HDTV itself.  Demos of scenes from Star Wars were apparently "amazing", but they might be pretty much all you can watch as even Mitsubishi admit there's a dearth of 3D-encoded content.

Overall performance, though, has no such sting in the tail.  Colors are described as "noticeably more impressive" than the Pioneer Kuro and Sharp comparison sets, with blacks almost as good as the Kuro and, in some cases, better able to maintain the details in the scene.  $7k is a significant investment in home entertainment, but it should last you: according to Mitsubishi, because of the laser technology there's almost zero color degradation over time.