Mitsubishi Electric to show off EMIRAI 2 electric vehicle concept

The Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will be showing off its EMIRAI 2 concept car at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. The car is a continuation of the MEC's original EMIRAI first exhibited in December of 2011; it was notable for its extremely customizable dashboard display, biometrics capabilities, and sensor array. Two years later, it will likely include most of the same elements plus whatever else the company's been cooking up.

The EMIRAI 2 exhibit will mainstage two technologies: an EV (electric vehicle) power train emphasizing high-accuracy traction and acceleration control systems, and a driving assistance system that incorporates image sensing and a powered dashboard display. The latter will likely be an evolution of the first EMIRAI dashboard display, shown below.

The company's advances in power efficiency will be a chief bragging point. Technologies will include a "microhybrid" system that micromanages power when idling and stopping, as well as some related to the powertrain, chassis integration and the aforementioned vehicle control.

The navigational features will also be on display. Visitors will get to try out the "NAVI" system, which integrates a voice navigation feedback system. The Tokyo Motor Show takes place this year from Nov. 23 through Dec. 1.

SOURCE: Misubishi Electric Corporation (BusinessWire)