Emirai dashboard interface concept by Mitsubishi debuts

Mitsubishi has its fingers into a lot more than just making cars. That line of automobiles is probably what Mitsubishi is most known for though. The company has unveiled a new concept dashboard system for cars called emirai. The concept looks really cool and reminds me of the dash from a Star Trek shuttle craft. The concept dashboard uses a projector rather than normal gauges.

The rear projector system shoots the gauges and displays onto a curved surface touch display providing all the buttons and controls you might need. Mitsubishi says that it hopes to be using the concept dash in cars in the next decade. I don't see that happening, touch interfaces for car controls are far from ideal. That half steering wheel won't make it either, there is a reason steering wheel are round.

The entire system has 18 buttons that are on two keypads on each of the uprights of that wheel. A touch display to the right of the dash allows the user to enter handwriting or characters for input to the system. The system also uses facial temperature and heart rate monitoring to recognize a user and change seat position. This is not what we need if the government wants drivers to be less distracted.

[via DesignBoom]