Missing Netflix films 'not Xbox specific' claim Sony Pictures

Amid suggestions that they attempted to undermine the launch of the New Xbox Experience update, Sony Pictures have denied that the disappearance of its content from the Xbox 360 Netflix portal was a strike against Microsoft.  Instead, Sony claim that the issue is one regarding licencing in general, rather than specifically as it concerns the 360.

"This issue is not specific to Xbox or any other individual platform. Sony Pictures is currently in discussions with the relevant parties to resolve certain licensing matters related to the distribution of its motion pictures. Given the ongoing nature of these discussions, we don't think it is appropriate to comment further at this time" Sony Pictures spokesperson

Rumors started after several hundred titles disappeared from the Netflix download options page when viewed on the Xbox 360.  Items distributed by Sony Pictures already in users' queues are marked "Not available on Xbox".

Of course, since neither the Wii nor the PS3 offer Netflix movie streaming, it's tricky to test whether Sony's "it's not just the Xbox, honest" argument is a valid one.  However with licencing discussions continuing, it looks at least vaguely hopeful that content from Sony Pictures would be viewable via the 360 at some point in the future.

[via Joystiq]