Missing Motorola XOOM Flash leaves Honeycomb at a disadvantage until Spring 2011?

Android's Flash advantage over the iPad will be missing in action from the launch of the Motorola XOOM, with Flash Player support not expected until Spring 2011. An Engadget tipster spotted the disclaimer lurking at the bottom of Verizon's XOOM pre-order listing, seemingly suggesting that Adobe and Google are waiting until Flash Player 10.2 is ready later in the year.

Adobe has already confirmed that it is working on Flash Player 10.2 for Honeycomb, complete with high frame-rates, dual-core support and a reduction in CPU usage during video, game and animation playback. All well and good, but until it's released – and in the apparent absence of Flash Player 10.1 for Honeycomb – Android 3.0 slates like the XOOM, G-Slate and Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be at a potentially significant disadvantage even to existing models based on Android 2.2, like the original Galaxy Tab.

[via Android Community]