Misfit Flash Link revealed as wearable do-anything button

Misfit reveals "Flash Link", a wearable fitness-tracking device that comes with a built-in button that interacts with your smart devices. Like the Misfit Shine, this new Misfit Flash Link can track your movements as it's attached to your body with any number of accessories – as a watch, as a necklace, or attached to your belt-loop. This new hardware also acts as a do-anything button that, when pressed, is able to do a wide array of tasks on your smartphone or tablet.

Misfit Flash is also being given a breath of new life this week as the company releases a new piece of software called Misfit Link. This is is the app part of Misfit Flash Link and an update to Misfit Flash that allows you to use the wearable device as a do-anything button. It's like IFTTT, only – actually, it's exactly like IFTTT, because Misfit is integrating their software in with IFTTT in the near future. For now, the button press will work with your camera, Spotify, Pandora, and – again, in the future – work with Logitech Harmony devices.

The Android version of Misfit Link will be released soon. The iOS version should be out by the end of the week.

So here's the full array of fitness trackers Misfit has now, newly updated:

• Misfit Shine – hardware previously released, metal• Misfit Flash – hardware previously released, plastic, now updated to work with Misfit Link• Misfit Flash Link – new hardware, plastic, one tier below the Flash, works with Misfit Link right out of the box• Misfit Link – software (app) for your smartphone to allow button-press tasks with the hardware

This release also includes an update pricing set for the company's fitness trackers. They are as follows:

• Misfit Shine – $69.99• Misfit Flash – $29.99• Misfit Flash Link – $19.99

This makes the Misfit Flash Link one of least expensive fitness trackers on the market. Certainly one of the cheapest with this sort of high-quality hardware and software support backing it up.

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