Mionix reveals world's first skin-sensitive smart mouse

The innovation team "MionixLabs" at gaming peripherals company Mionix have revealed the world's first Smart Mouse. The NAOS QG builds on the top-notch form-fitting gaming mouse excellence of the original NAOS, building in "Quantified Gaming" features. With this device, users will be able to track their heart rate and their galvanic skin responses to the game. Deep insight into your body's response to games with heart rate, galvanic skin response, and actions per minute – we're thinking it'll be perfect for Alien: Isolation – for terror and blood-curdling excitement from start to finish, of course.

The NAOS QG will track data based on sensors built in to its body, reading your body's response to the games you're playing through the palm of your hand. The data that results will appear in a transparent overlay on your screen – perfect for onscreen recordings.

MionixLabs want to create the same body analyzation in the field for gamers as athletes have for more traditional sports.

See those circles in the upper right-hand corner of this example screenshot from CS:GO? That's how big you'll be able to display this data, given to you live, as your body shows it. You'll be able to show it all significantly smaller, too.

Next you'll see Statistics listed in a chart during a period of your choosing – you'll be able to track multiple players in combined charts as well. Here you're seeing a 30-minute session with 5 players at once. Peaks in statistics like heart rate include screenshots from the player that peaked.

Mionix will be sending out free, open API to developers once the mouse is released, and overlay will be able to be used in any app – not just specific games.

Above you'll see Hearthstone, World of Tanks, Battlefield 4, StarCraft 2 with Quantified Gaming activated.

While the team is ready to roll with a real working prototype now, they're also pushing forward with a KickStarter campaign – that has a few thousand bucks in just a few hours being live with 39 days left to go.

Mass production is scheduled for early June of 2015. Earliest of early-bird releases is set for $79 USD for the mouse – retail price will be $129 USD.