mintpass mintpad MID gets unboxed

Chris Davies - Jun 24, 2009

After mintpass made a few pre-release mintpad MID units available to touchscreen-loving early adopters last week, the first English-language unboxing and hands-on for the 2.86-inch device is here.  We’re entirely unsurprised to see that Jenn from Pocketables is first; she’s already impressed with the build-quality of the WiFi-enabled mintpad, together with the range of accessories they include.

There are a few design frustrations, such as the microSD card slot being underneath the battery and the mintpad only having 4GB of its own onboard storage, but general things are looking good.  mintpass even include a second sync/charge cable for use with the docking cradle, which is something plenty of other manufacturers could learn from.

As it stands, the firmware still has untranslated menus in the browser, and the file-manager and “ad-hoc chatting” aren’t ready for use.  All that should change by June 30th, though, at which point an upgrade will be available.  This is looking to be a very curious, very distinctive little device, and we’re looking forward to Jenn’s full review.

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