mintpad v.2 may use Android, confirm mintpass

The number of mintpass mintpad units in the US is still hugely limited, but that hasn't stopped the company from talking about what the next-gen model might bring.  We've already heard mutterings about larger touchscreens, GPS and even WiBro; now there's mention of Google's Android platform being used.

"Such things are being discussed for the second generation mintpad, but nothing is set for sure. I can tell you that the next generation mintpad will be quite high in specification, though" mintpass representative

mintpass themselves are being cagey about the possibility, confirming that Android is among many things on the table for potential inclusion.  Nonetheless, switching to the open-source Android OS (the current mintpad is based on Windows CE, under mintpass' own UI) would solve issues such as limited access to applications.

Other potential changes could be an all-metal body, together with increasing the existing model's 2.86-inch display to up to 7-inches.  The mintpad uses a proxy-based browser for speed, and can access the web via WiFi.