mintpad 2.0 could have GPS/WiBro, bigger touchscreen

Chris Davies - May 20, 2009, 2:11 am CDT

The mintpad super-compact Internet Tablet may not have managed its US launch quite yet, but the Korean team behind it are already planning the follow-up model.  According to the latest interview with mintpass’ CFO, options currently on the table for the mintpad 2.0 are integrated GPS and WiBro, as well as a touchscreen display anything up to 7-inches in size, and a metal housing.

Other sources at the company have clarified that these are still tentative plans, and not set in stone, but from this end it seems like such changes would certainly make the mintpad more attractive.  The first-gen model has a 2.86-inch touchscreen, which is certainly on the compact side, so a bigger display but using the same OS (which has proved a hit in Korea, where the Internet Tablet is already on sale) would broaden their market.

Given how much mintpass manage to pack into the 90g first-gen chassis, though, it doesn’t seem too far a stretch to expect big things from the second model.  The mintpad has a 1.3-megapixel camera, WiFi b/g, Flash for streaming video and onboard blogging software; that leaves plenty of space for more memory, Bluetooth and GPS, which would be the obvious upgrades.

[via Pocketables]

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