mintpad 2.86" Internet Tablet coming to US [Video]

Korean firm mintpass are planning to bring their super-compact mintpad touchscreen device to the US.  The 90g palm-sized mintpad has a 2.86-inch display, handwriting recognition, WiFi b/g and a 1.3-megapixel camera, and according to the company is currently being Anglicized for foreign markets.  The mintpad went on sale in Korea back in November 2008, priced at just 199,000 KRW ($143).mintpad video demo after the cut

While it may resemble a mere PMP, the mintpad actually has full internet access, onboard blogging software and a mediaplayer that's happy with DiVX, MPEG-4, WMV and XviD content.  Chatrooms and IM conversations are supported, either over WiFi or via ad-hoc connections, and there's Flash support for streaming video.

mintpass haven't finalized availability outside of Korea yet, but the company – which was set up by the former founder and CEO of iRiver parent company Reigncom – estimates that the conversions should be complete by late April or early May.  Also unknown is pricing, but hopefully the mintpad will be just as affordable as in its home market.