Mint utilizes Touch ID in iOS 8 to become more secure

If you're one to track your finances on the go, you've likely heard of Mint. The app that keeps track of your cask flow is also getting a lot more secure. In updating their app to be friendly with iOS 8, they've also cobbled in the ability to unlock it with Touch ID.

At WWDC this year, Apple announced they were letting loose the reigns of Touch ID a bit, and letting third-party apps take advantage of it via an APK. Mint is the first we've actually seen working with it, and while simple — it shows just how secure and easy Touch ID can be, moving forward.

As Mint notes, they already had a 128-bit encryption, but Touch ID adds a nearly unbreakable layer of security to the app.

This is the second instance in which we've seen Touch ID used for third parties. Previously, the already secure 1Password teased and then announced their service would be using Touch ID, and even let you enter passwords in Safari using the feature.

As iOS 8 continues to work its way into the hands of users, we expect to see more apps updating to utilize Touch ID.

Source: Mint