Mint finance app now interfaces with Coinbase, shows your bitcoin wealth

If you are big into virtual currency and have such vast virtual holdings that you need to be able to put the bitcoin wealth in with your real world money, you now can. The Mint personal finance app is now able to interface with Coinbase. That means that you can tell how much your bitcoin wealth is worth in real money at any time.

The bitcoin wealth you hold is added in its own line item in the investments page of the app so you can see what its worth along with your other holdings like retirement and stock portfolios. The updated app can also add the Coinbase bitcoin total to your grand total for all investments.

Coinbase is said to be the most popular and widely used bitcoin wallet service out there. It boasts over 870000 consumer wallets. It makes sense to put the bitcoin in with investments because people buy bitcoin to hold onto and trade rather than to spend on items as you would with normal money.

The Mint integration will show the value of all your bitcoins with up to date exchange rates. You can spend bitcoin with some of the biggest online sellers out there taking the virtual currency as payment. Those retailers accepting bitcoin include and TigerDirect. Some Las Vegas hotels will accept bitcoin as payment for food and rooms.

SOURCE: Venturebeat