Minoru 3D webcam gets tested [Video]

Chris Davies - Jul 17, 2009
Minoru 3D webcam gets tested [Video]

We first saw the Minoru 3D webcam back in October 2008, but the first reviews are only just coming in now.  Crave managed to get their hands on the double-camera gadget and shot some test images and video, finding it to be a surprisingly straightforward way of getting a 3D effect.

Video demo after the cut

You’ll need red and blue glasses in order to see the 3D, of course, as will anybody you’re having a video chat with.  Still, once you’ve invested in those (or dug an old pair out from the closet) the process is apparently very simple: press one button for an 800 x 600 still, or another for 3D video.

Image quality isn’t great, especially as you’re viewing it through heavily-tinted glasses, but the Minoru works as a standard webcam too and it’s a mere £50 ($81).  Some will say it’s a gimmick (and yes, it is), but if you want to try out 3D then it’s certainly a cheaper way than Fujifilm’s $600 FinePix Real 3D digicam


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