Miniguru Keyboard Axed, Not Coming to Retail

At the beginning of the year, we showed you a concept for a new keyboard, called the Miniguru. With plenty of features to make typing purists out there happy, we were pretty excited about the possibilities it brought to the table. But, alas, today we are reminded all too well that a concept is just a concept, and they can come to an end all too quickly. Just months after its debut, it looks like the Miniguru keyboard isn't coming.

Guru'board, the intelligent folks behind the customizable keyboard, have declared that they have essentially lost faith in the idea that they will be able to sell the initial production line. Because of that, they've decided to scrap the project altogether, thus putting an end to the Miniguru. The keyboard itself consisted of mechanical key switches so that it made that familiar typing sound that most touch-typists enjoy so much. The keyboard itself was completely customizable, built to keep your fingers on the home row at all times. We wish we would have been able to see this come to market, but everything happens for a reason. Right?

[via GuruBoard]