Miniguru keyboard set for Q4 2010 launch

If you spend any amount of time typing you probably understand that a good keyboard can really affect how quickly and comfortable you can type. I like the Logitech illuminated Keyboard and if I try to type on my old Logitech G15, I am much slower. Some people also like a more compact keyboard with lots of typing feel.

A new keyboard called the Miniguru is set to hit stores in Q4 2010 and promises to make typing faster and easier by always keeping your fingers on the home row. The keyboard also has a mouse stick in the middle of the keys very much like what Lenovo uses on some of its ThinkPads.

The keyboard sports mechanical switches to give you that old school click and feedback that many touch typists desire. The keyboard can also be configured in many ways with printed keys or blank ones. You can even choose a vertical or horizontal enter key. The keyboard is very small at about the size you're your typical laptop keyboard. Pricing for the keyboard is unknown. You can order the thing with custom colors as well, but the colors and design are not final according to the manufacturer.