MINI Convertible Openometer tracks roof-down motoring

Chris Davies - Dec 4, 2008
MINI Convertible Openometer tracks roof-down motoring

Buyers of BMW’s latest second-generation MINI convertible will have yet another unusual offering to tick on the options list, in the shape of the Openometer.  A new pod sitting next to the rev counter, it records how much time the car is driven with the top down.

As many commenters have already pointed out elsewhere, it seems a vaguely dangerous thing to highlight to owners just how little use most get out of buying a convertible.  Certainly not something you want them considering when it comes to replacement time.

The option will only be available on the new 2009 MINI convertible.  Pricing is yet to be announced.  It’s got me thinking what other bizarre gauges could be added to new cars: how about a glovebox counter, which records how many gloves you actually keep in there? 

[via The Truth About Cars]

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