Mini Apple Stores are opening at these 17 Target stores - and it's just the start

Dare to brave the Target aisles and there's a good chance you'll find a little Apple oasis, with the news that the retail behemoth plans to build mini Apple Stores that focus on the Cupertino firm's tech. The "dedicated Apple shopping destinations" as Target calls them will begin to pop up in 17 stores initially, across multiple US states.

That'll be followed by a broader spread across new locations in fall 2021 and beyond, according to the retailer. A full list of the initial locations and specific stores is at the end of this article.

Target is no stranger to Apple products, of course. What these new mini stores will do is effectively act as a hub for Apple's products – and its overall ecosystem – within Target, rather than seeing them be spread out across the various aisles. It'll also include accessories like dongles, chargers, headphones such as AirPods, and more.

The Apple zones will be staffed by specially trained Target Tech Consultants, the company says, who have received specialist instruction from Apple. They'll be able to answer sales and technical questions, as well as do demonstrations. However, there won't be on-site servicing: for that, you'll still need to go to a Genius Bar or contact Apple for remote assistance.

Most of Apple's most consumer-friendly products will be stocked and displayed in the mini Apple Stores. That'll include iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod, Apple TV, and Apple accessories, Target says. There'll be about twice as much floor space for Apple as in regular stores. The areas themselves will have a more Apple-esque look and feel, too, with the familiar pale wood tables and cabinets, and even special lighting.

Apple shopping destinations location list:

T2180 (Monticello, MN)

T0324 (San Jose, CA)

T1397 (Oklahoma City, OK)

T2516 (Allen, TX)

T1766 (Hurst, TX)

T1797 (Austin, TX)

T1032 (Irving, TX)

T1354 (San Antonio, TX)

T0687 (Gainesville, FL)

T1790 (Orlando, FL)

T1820 (Clearwater, FL)

T2848 (Miami, FL)

T1159 (North Wales, PA)

T2764 (Newark, DE)

T1266 (Woburn, MA)

T1532 (Nashua, NH)

T1915 (Latham, NY)