Minecraft PS3 edition on physical disc coming in May

One thing that has been common to all platforms for the incredibly popular game Minecraft is that you had to download the game to play it. Minecraft hasn't been offered on a physical retail disc of any sort so far. However, that is set to change next month for PS3 gamers.

Word has surfaced that a PS3 physical retail version of the game will be hitting stores on May 14. The game will be packaged on a Blu-ray disc for the first time. This means that the hoards of gamers that walk into game stores each week looking for Minecraft, not realizing it's a download game will be able to purchase.

Assuming the gamer is on a PS3 anyway. I wonder if Mojang will offer the game on a physical disc for other platforms as well. It's easy to think that gamers wanting to buy Minecraft walk into a game store to buy it, only to realize they have to download the game at home, and end up buying something else in the store costing Mojang sales.

Minecraft has been available for PS3 gamers on the PSN since the end of 2013. Mojang says that 1.5 million people have downloaded the game so far for the PS3. Late last month we heard rumors that Mojang was close to launching Minecraft for the Xbox One.

SOURCE: Neogaf