Minecraft "Predator" mod lets you go ghostly

One Minecraft mod summons thousands of fans with a "Predator-like" set of abilities in 148144 commands. This fellow by the name of Sliced Lime has presented a command block machine for Minecraft which allows the wearer's outfit to change color depending on the block nearest the wearer. The result is a camouflage suit the likes of which we've only otherwise seen in the light-bending Predator beast from the Predator film series. This mod is not (yet) part of the standard game build, but you certainly can try it for yourself if you wish.

The video you're about to see is long – you might want to skip ahead about 1/3 of the way. There you'll see the outfit of the wearer inside Minecraft changing as he walks. It's really simple, yet really quite spectacular at the same time.

Now imagine this being implemented on other platforms. Imagine players in PvP games disappearing into the landscape, and users being required to work with multiple forms of light vision to navigate the deadly landscape.

It'd be just like Predator!

Or better yet, just like Alien VS. Predator. Or a new version – Alien VS. Predator VS. Steve from Minecraft! We'll play it.

Just make it happen and we'll be there, with pixels on!

You can have a peek at the Predator Demo through Planet Minecraft right this minute. Let us know how it goes!