Minecraft Live (Minecon) 2020 will let fans pick a new mob

The team that delivers Minecraft announced their next big event. Instead of Minecon, 2020 will feature a live streaming event called Minecraft Live. This event will take place via several venues, including Minecraft dot net. Today's trailer for the event reveals some of what's promised for this event on the spookiest month of the year.

The event looks like it's what its creators planned all along. As if we weren't just doing this because we're in the middle of an unprecedented global pandemic. That's the reason this event is taking place remotely, mind you – no reason to risk one's life just to see the next new mob.

Per the Minecraft Live team, this event is being not-so-hubly called "an event that will happen!" Also NOTE: Mojang Studios announced that they've delayed Minecraft Festival until 2022 and "will no longer be involved with official community events." So if you've got an event coming up, it's NO LONGER OFFICIAL!

This event will feature "juicy Minecraft news" about future updates. This event will also include a variety of content creators that'll show you what they've got in store for you in the near future when it comes to expanded universes of their own making! There'll be a "pre-show" as well – so be sure to switch on right when you wake up!

Minecraft Live will be streaming on a selection of platforms, some of which will allow users to vote live. You'll find this event streaming on October 3, 2020 at 12 EST. That's approximately 11AM Central Time, 10AM Mountain Time, and 9AM Pacific Time. Of you head over to the Minecraft Live page you'll see the event – and we'll be covering everything as it happens here on SlashGear, too!