Minecraft For Xbox One Lands This Friday

Prepare to kick your imaginations, and thumbs, into high gear this weekend. Minecraft, which never seems to run out of creative and absurd things to be built, will be available on the current gen Xbox One console starting September 5. Players will have their choice of upgrades from the Xbox 360 or purchasing the full game for the first time, directly from Microsoft or later from retailers.

If you're a gamer, unless you've been hiding under a rock, you might be very well aware of what Minecraft is and what it has brought to the virtual gaming world. Well, actually it brought virtual worlds. Worlds where only your lack of imagination and time will stop you from building intricate and complex structures, whole countries, or even recreate a computer that only exists in the annals of history.

Minecraft on current gen consoles was promised to be delivered in August. Considering that month ended just 3 days ago, we can perhaps excuse the slip. In any case, that will all take place starting this Friday, at least for the Xbox One. Xbox 360 users who wish to upgrade to the new version will have to cough up a one-time $4.99 fee. That is, of course, if they already owned a legit copy of the Xbox 360 version, digital or physical. Otherwise, new would-be owners will be paying the full $19.99 price, either via credit card or Xbox Gift Card, if they buy from the Xbox Store directly. Retailers will be carrying digital download codes later this month but physical discs bearing the game won't be arriving until the holidays.

The Xbox One edition brings a world that is claimed to be 36 times larger than what was available on the Xbox 360. Of course, there are add-ons and downloadable content available, so there's no fear of running out of things to do. But in case you get bored playing alone, you can invite three other friends over to collaborate with you on the same console, split screen style. But if you lack such friends, you can also try to form a team of 8 for an online building spree, that is, if you have an Xbox Live Gold member. Subscription sld separately.

SOURCE: Microsoft