Minecraft for Xbox One, PS4, and PS3+Vita due August

Minecraft for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita will land in August, alongside the PS3 version, with developer Mojang promising to salve the wait in the process. The game will cost $19.99 on each platform, though buying for PS Vita gets you the PS3 version too – or vice-versa – while those who have already bought Minecraft will be able to upgrade for a smaller amount.

If you bought Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition – either from the Xbox Live Marketplace or from a disc, as long as with the latter you played online at some point – then Mojang will only as $4.99 for the Xbox One Edition.

Saved Xbox 360 Minecraft worlds will be supported for importing into Xbox One; however, the reverse won't be possible. Similarly, there'll be no support for cross-platform play between gamers on Xbox One and Xbox 360. While "many" of the DLC skins and texture packs for the 360 version will work on the new Xbox One version, Mojang warns that tricky licensing deals mean not everything will carry over.

As for the PlayStation 4 game, that will also be offered as a $4.99 upgrade if you previously owned the PS3 version, though initially only if it was bought through the PlayStation Network. Mojang says it is working with Sony to try to figure out a way to validate physical disc sales.

PS3 or PS3 + Vita Minecraft gamers will be able to import saved games to the PS4 version, but not in the reverse direction. As with the Xbox, there'll be no cross-platform play between PS4 and PS3 + Vita, while some – but not all – DLC will be carried over.

Finally, the Minecraft PlayStation 3 + Vita Edition will be $19.99, and saved games can be transferred between the two platforms. It will include all features from the previous PS3-only version, with online play on the PS Vita game also supported, and DLC/saves carried across.