Minecraft for PC surpasses 10m in sales

Back in January, Minecraft developer Mojang announced that total sales for Minecraft reached 15 million. However, we never got to see a breakdown of sales for each platform. Today, however, it's been revealed that the PC version alone has now reached 10 million in sales, and the developer even teased a new feature coming to a future update.

Mojang's lead designer and developer, Jens Bergensten, tweeted the sales announcement and also hinted at a possible new feature coming to the version 1.6 update. The image he links to for the hint is a picture of a horse, suggesting that the four-legged animal will be making its way inside the game at some point.

As for the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game, Mojang reported back in January that the console version reached 5 million in sales. However, we're guessing that number has only grown since then. As for the mobile versions of the game, which are available on iOS and Android, no statistics have been released on that front.

Minecraft for PC was originally released as an alpha version in 2009, with the full version releasing in 2011. Since August of 2012, Mojang has managed to sell 3 million copies of Minecraft for PC, which is quite impressive for such a small game, but it's popularity has been something of a triumph over the last couple of years.