Minecraft Dungeons might be the perfect game for quarantine

Today a new wave of players were added to the closed Beta sessions for Minecraft Dungeons. This game's standard release is still a few weeks away – it'll be out on May 26, 2020 – but it's already generating buzz as a game that'll be released at just about the most ideal moment possible. What better time for a family-friendly dungeon crawler for multiple platforms than this? We'll very likely all still be quarantined for coronavirus (COVID-19, that is) in late May anyway – might as well head to the dungeon!

The game was revealed in June of 2019, with the trailer you're about to see. This is the gameplay reveal trailer, and it shows what's basically a Minecraft version of Diablo. Here in April of 2020, early-access gamers are confirming that, yes, that description of the game is certainly apt.

Down in the mines, players will have the ability to destroy evil enemies and collect loot. They'll find mobs of all sorts, and special skills aplenty. Below you'll find several recently revealed elements from the official Minecraft Dungeons Twitter account.

Above you'll find a reveal of a set of weapons with cold cores. You'll find a FROST SCYTHE prepared to bring the ice to skeletons and lava shamblers alike. There's a bit of lightning in there as well, for good measure.

Next you'll see some soul-related magic, in the form of a Feral Soul Crossbow, a Souldancer Robe, and a Torment Quiver. It's kinda like we're running some Necromancer business – but that's too evil for Minecraft. This is a family-friendly sort of game, right? Then of course there is fire – so very much fire.

Below you'll find a lovely 1080p 60fps gameplay clip from "Game Clips and Tips" on YouTube. This is gameplay from the most recent Beta build of the game – or at least one recorded in the last few weeks.

This game is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass on May 26, 2020. Take a peek at About Dungeons at Minecraft's official site for the game right now, and stick around SlashGear for more information as we reach release day!