Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths goes underwater today

Minecraft Dungeons is approximately one year old, and to celebrate its birthday, the game will go under the water. There'll be a Minecraft Dungeons DLC called Hidden Depths – you might already have access to the DLC by the time you read this article. Hidden Depths is a water-centric update with both paid and free content, with new weapons, gear, artifacts, locations, and a new enemy.

In Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths – under the water – users must "swim through streams of air bubbles" to refuel their air. If you've played the standard, original vanilla version of Minecraft, you'll remember this feature from the water, what with needing air to breathe and having bubbles to show the amount of time one has before they'll need to breathe air once more.

Hidden Depths has a new Coral Blade, a new Bubble Bow, Anchor and Turtle Armor. You'll find a whole bunch of new ocean-inspired bits in the new realm from the beginning. The Hidden Depths DLC can be found in the game as of this week.

If you do not want to purchase the DLC, you'll still see new enchantments this week, including Guarding Strike, Luck of the Sea, Multi-Charge, Refreshment, and Rush. You'll have a new ability to enable or disable screen shake, and you'll find new Raid Captains.

New Raid Captains were added to the game with this latest update – they're powerful! If you defeat a Raid Captain, you'll get "one of two tokens." One can increase the mission's threat level, the other "adds a rules modifier to your current mission." You'll want to keep these tokens as you aim to beat the mission, and in return you'll get the Raid Captain's Bounty!

If you purchase the Hidden Depths DLC for around $6 USD, you'll get three new underwater missions. You'll get two new skins and a Baby Turtle pet. You'll have access to new artifacts, new armor, and new weapons.

Weapons include anchor, encrusted anchor, bubble bow, bubble burster, heavy duty harpoon, harpoon crossbow, sponge striker, and coral blade. You'll find squid armor, glow squid armor, turtle armor, and nimble turtle armor. New artifacts include the Satchel of Snacks, Satchel of Elixers, Harpoon Quiver, and Eye of the Guardian.