Mimobot Mimomicro USB microSD card reader hands-on

There's one whole heck of a lot of devices here at CES 2012 that cost a major amount of cash, but if there's one company that can bring the smallest and least expensive item to the show and still make a splash. This Mimobot's brand new Mimomicro USB microSD card reader, complete with officially licensed Star Wars characters making up the bulk of their design. Unlike the first waves of Mimobot USB devices, these don't do anything on their own, they read microSD cards for your USB-enabled device on the fly.

So you take this little guy, you flip out the back and plug your microSD card in, taking the whole device then and plugging it in to your USB 2.0 port so you can see the contents of your card on your computer. MicroSD cards are the ones you pop into your smartphone, this device giving you a fun way to get media on or off your smartphone, essentially. And it's Star Wars, so you can't go wrong.

These little monsters will be out in March, 2012, and will cost you $12.95 each. There's also DC comic book characters such as Superman, Batman, and the like, and they'll cost the same as well. And you can pop em on your keychain just like the rest of the Mimobot line. Fun!