miiSTOR's ICE USB Drive Showered In Diamonds

When you make the big bucks you can't be stuck with just any old USB drive like those common folks. You have to stand out from the crowd and spend a small fortune on a diamond encrusted zip drive. Personally I'd be happy with one that was a bright color, but then again I fall under that common category.

The drive called ICE is being offered by miiSTOR. It is made of Hallmarked platinum and is hand-set with 456 white diamonds. Although I may be one of the few girls to ever say this, but 456 diamonds just seems like overkill.

The ICE USB drive is being sold for $29,000. Which happens to be really close to the price of my dream car, call me practical, but I'd pick the car.

miiSTOR ICE diamond encrusted USB drive [via newlaunches]