Midori Ubuntu smartphone tipped in bug chats

A new smartphone running the Ubuntu operating system appears to be in the works carrying codename Midori. The first grumblings about the new device have surfaced from a bug report about a trust prompt issues with the device via the Ubuntu Touch IRC and on Launch Pad. According to the chatter, the trust prompt issue causes the mystery Midori device and the MX4 to reboot.

In that bug chat at some point, Pat McGowan, Director of Engineering at Canonical says, "This will block Midori rc." RC is a release candidate for those unfamiliar with the abbreviation and is talking about the release candidate channel for Ubuntu Touch images.

The Midori name comes from the Dragon Ball magna franchise and keeps with the naming convention for previous Ubuntu devices that have carried character names from the same franchise. Previously there have been devices codenamed Krillin, Arale, Vegeta, Turbo, Frieza, Cooler, and now Midori. The manufacturer of the device is believed to be Meizu right now.

Other chatter has hinted that the Midori device is a smartphone and not a tablet. This chatter came from Canonical Software Engineer Tony Espy, he said. "We're working on a fairly large ofono change at the moment for a new handset so we expect to land a new version of ofono soon although not before the freeze for OTA12."

None of these rumors talk at all about hardware for the device. As it stands all we have are rumors and gleaned details from various sources to point at a new smartphone running Ubuntu. Perhaps more details will be coming soon. We have spent some hands on time with an Ubuntu tablet called the Aquarius recently and if you want to know more about that tablet or the software in general check out the review.