Microsoft's Xbox 360 Dashboard Gets Refreshed and Leaked to YouTube [Video]

Microsoft is getting ready for the upcoming launch of Halo: Reach, which launches tomorrow. But, further out, they've got their motion-controller, Kinect, on the horizon. And with that other significant launch, there's plenty of changes that Microsoft has in store. We already know that in the upcoming Dashboard update, Microsoft intends to upgrade the overall audio quality of playing on Xbox LIVE. But, what we hadn't known (in detail), was how much the Dashboard would change for the overall experience. And, it looks like everyone's going to get the look and feel of the Kinect Dashboard, whether you plan on getting the peripheral or not.

While there's no real confirmation that this is the next Dashboard for the Xbox 360, it does look real enough. And, if you ignore the music long enough (which really isn't all that bad), you can take note of the few changes that have been made. Primarily, you'll notice right off the bat that the overall look may feel the same as the current edition of the Dashboard, but it's been given a more seamless make over. It looks, more or less, a lot more "clean" and straightforward.

The changes may not be monumental, but we're sure that Microsoft has a few more goodies in store for the release of the new update some time later this year. Unfortunately, we don't know exactly when that's going to be, so we'll just have to stay tuned. Until then, enjoy the video below, and let us know in the comments what you think of this new Dashboard.

[via Techland]